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Winnipeg RV Sales - The recreational vehicle van comes mostly in two design types: the Class C mini-motorhome and the Class B van conversion. The Class B van is just an upgraded van that includes a sink, reclining seats, a fold-out bed, and often a microwave oven. The class C types are more purposely constructed, with a camper mounted upon a 1-ton van chassis. This particular type still retains the van cab where the driver and passenger sit. Both of these types are normally produced by aftermarket companies which take the chassis from major car manufacturers and mold them to suit their needs.

There are a huge variety of motorhomes in each class to enable renters and buyers the ability to pick a model which fits in their budget and still suits all their requirements. The largest and most pricey style of motorhome available is the class A, that looks like a large passenger bus. A recreational vehicle van is a lot simpler to drive around and is normally a lot cheaper then a class A, making it the preferred vehicle for many people. With regards to size. the dimensions of a class B motorhome are no bigger than that of an everyday, normal passenger van. Many individuals choose this type as it is a lot less difficult to drive compared to a class A motorhome.

While it can be difficult to differentiate an RV van from a passenger van, one of the defining features is that a class B style has an extended roof. Normally made out of fiberglass, this roof extension allows one to move more comfortably in the vehicles interior. In order to make the RV van more efficient, it is common to incorporate an air conditioner mounted on the roof as well as a generating unit. This prevents having to have the van's engine idling. It is quite common for these kinds of RV vans to come equipped with a plug-in receptacle so that campground power could be utilized.

Class C RVs are a combination of passenger van and a pull-behind camping trailer. This style of recreational vehicle is mounted upon a van chassis and are typically larger than a Class B RV. They are also outfitted with more amenities, like for instance a shower or bath, kitchen sink and commode, a refrigerator, a range, and a microwave oven. Some individuals prefer these to the class B type because it allows for more comfort, both while driving and while parked at a campsite.

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