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RV For Rent Winnipeg - Tag Axle - The heavier of motorhomes, usually measuring 40 to 45 feet, would be designed to use a weight-bearing axle - commonly known as a 'tag' - a drive axle and two rear axles. Costly motorhomes will be defined by sight in the tag axle though a large tire size may also make this distinction. Motorhomes that present a tag axle would also designate lush interiors which will consist of solid wood cabinets, tile floors and a gauge that will peg easily at 1.4 MPG while in uphill motion.

Tow Ball Weight
As long as there are deactivated weight delivery systems, any weight in the hitch, occasionally referred to as tongue weight, is the descending power applied to the tow ball in the RV trailer coupling .

Tow Vehicle
The term used to describe the car, truck or other motor vehicle utilized to haul a trailer for the RV.

'Toad' - or Towed Vehicle
Towed behind a preliminary, towing motor vehicle, the vehicle is used for camping while attached to RC campground utilities. Sometimes known as a 'dinghy'. Numerous vehicle owners within North America would use supermarket and strip mall parking lots although, for those RV users in Europe, maneuvering into small spaces such as this would be less than desirable. This is specially true for motorhome owners of vehicles extending from 40 to 45 feet.

Umbilical Cord
This cord would connect the RV trailer to the car, SUV, truck or other towing motor vehicle. The umbilical cord will provide electricity which extends from the alternator in the vehicle that would create energy in the trailer batteries. This system will also provide a current to the electrical brakes, indicator lights and night-lights in the trailer.

Weight Distribution Hitch
This describes the process of lever and weights that would shift some of the tow ball weight forward and on the wheels in the front of the trailer. The weight would also be distributed, to some extent, to the RV trailer.

White Water
This term describes fresh, clean water from a healthy water source. It could either be drinking water or potable water.

This term explains the need for recreational vehicle owners to maintain their vehicle tanks and hoses from cold weather. Typically, this would involve adding antifreeze to these systems. There are RV's offered with this system manufactured into the design.

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