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Private RV Rentals Winnipeg - Pink Water - The antifreeze which turns the water 'pink' is referred to as Pink Water. This is part of a winterization process for the cold weather condition that makes certain that the internal tubes and piping do not freeze. The colour used to indicate that it is non toxic while typical antifreeze is dyed blue or green to imply it's toxicity.

RV Shower
A compartment which people use to take a shower. It could be utilized to conserve battery power, water and wastewater tank systems while dry camping. A regular shower would take a couple of minutes although could be a lot less than that. Even though campers which are smaller will incorporate showers in the design, they are very small that campers would often opt to use the campground showers.

Sanitary Station
The blackwater in European-styled trailers is normally collected in a convenient toilet with a portable tank. After that, this tank is drained at a sanitation station. The brand names for these can consist of a PortoPotti, Elsan and Thetford and will utilize a small amount of antiseptic every time it is disposed of to deal with odor issues. The word 'chemical' would normally be included in the signage for a sanitary dump.

Sewer Hose
The hose which is used to clean and remove water from water tanks is referred to as the sewer hose. Consideration must be given to the cost of a sewer hose. Hoses that are inexpensive have thin walls which develop tiny gaps through either UV damage or cuts. This means the hose will leak and spray debris and, because the blackwater tank would probably be several feet or more above the level of the deteriorating hose, this could bear too much pressure. Even in motorhomes that are costly, these thin-walled hoses can be used and so the buyer must know what kind of starter package they are purchasing. A solid hose which is taken care of on a regular basis would last for several years. This would ensure that the whole process of emptying tanks, which can be considered an unwanted and normally undesirable job, would be relatively painless. All that will be required is the pulling of several valves in order and the only issue would be a small spill, washed away easily from the subsequent drainage of the graywater tanks while disengaging hoses.

This term refers to the portion in the RV which is capable of expanding the interior of the RV, widthwise. Typically, this portion is utilized in the dining and kitchen areas of the vehicle to make more space for seating and general living and will be found in lots of RVs in North America. Featuring sometimes three slide-outs, the more contemporary and big motorhomes would double the size of the bedrooms, kitchen and living room.

Slide Topper
Attached to the slide-room roof and RV, this is a fixed awning which would open when the slide-out is operated. Basically, this slide topper would provide coverage for the extra room space. It is normally utilized to lessen wind swept items and snow from accumulating on the slide room roof. When the room is rolled out and in, the awning will open and close, respectively, using tension springs.

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